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Alternative measures for Garden Shopping

I've been doing quite a bit of work with community gardens / allotments this summer, and one issue that came up with the Garden Shop calculator was easy access to weighing scales. The GS originally focused on house gardens, which tend to be nearer to a kitchen! To allow a wider range of people and places to take part in the project, I've added new categories to help with estimating what is grow, so it now includes:

​1) Grams / Oz (as before; also accepts e.g. 'about 2 pounds')

2) Counts (individual things; best for e.g. 'a dozen pears' or 'three marrows')

3) Mugfuls (approximately how many coffee mugs would hold the crop? Best for small things like berries)

4) Handfuls (hands vary, so we're assuming that a good handful is about the volume of a typical, grip-able apple)

5) Shop packets (best for e.g. salad leaves and fresh herbs - the amount you would buy in a typical supermarket pack of that item).

The recording sheet has been updated to reflect this, and should make it easier to make a record of what folks have grown. Plus it makes estimating any harvests you might have missed, or that were picked and eaten before you joined the project!

(Download from the picture link on the right, or the project page)

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