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Helenium c.NEF

Webinars & Events

The Buzz Club is all about getting everyone involved in their local wildlife, learning more about it and making a difference to garden wildlife conservation.

Why not join us at one of our events? 


Request a webinar from us!

Want a webinar delivered by the Buzz Club staff for your local community group? It's simple - follow the below steps!

1) Read the Terms and Conditions which outline pricing and cancellation policies. 

2) Fill out the Request Form - we will get back to you soon!

Webinar Recordings
"Informative and inspiring" ~ Lynne B (Member)

What you think about our events
~ thank you for your feedback!


Really fascinating, well-paced, I like the format of interactive questions with lots of snippets. I learned a lot, thank you :)


Informative presentation within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere

Tawny mining bee Andrena fulva on recurrant.JPG

Really easy to attend, great talk and I learnt a lot!

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