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Insect ID Quiz

Project Lead: Issy Sexton 


Status: Data being analysed

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Why choose this project?

At the Buzz Club, we are interested in finding out more about the pollinators and other insects in our gardens, with the help of citizen scientists. Often it is important that our volunteers can identify different types of insects, so that they can collect useful data. 

We want to find out how good our volunteers are at this, and whether receiving an insect identification training session helps. We'd also like to find out which types of insect people struggle to identify. 

Every volunteer for this project will take two 10 minute insect ID quizzes and attend a training webinar delivered by us. However, the order in which you do the above will vary depending on which group you are randomly placed in. This means half of you will do the training between quizzes and half at the end, allowing us to investigate the effectiveness of training. 

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What do you need to do?

What do you get out of this project?

All ages and abilities can take part in this project, learning how to ID insects with more confidence and learning new fun insect facts along the way! This project is not very time consuming, meaning it is hopefully a great project that everyone can get involved with!

It doesn't matter if you have any prior knowledge in Insect ID, we need people from all different backgrounds to take part in this project. We would like to ensure that our citizen scientists learn lots when volunteering with the Buzz Club, as well as gaining enjoyment from collecting data with confidence in their knowledge. 

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