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Here are the scientific outputs from some of the successful Buzz Club projects, which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Many thanks to all those who took part!

Factors influencing butterfly and bumblebee richness and abundance in gardens (2023)
Cannelle Tassin de Montaigu & Dave Goulson

This study explores how butterfly and bumblebee populations in gardens across the UK are influenced by habitat quality, urbanisation level and pesticide use.

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Sow Wild! Effective Methods & Identification Bias in Pollinator-Focused Experimental Citizen Science (2023)
Janine Griffiths-Lee, Beth Nicholls & Dave Goulson

Here the mini-meadows research was analysed for a potential bias in identification and sampling methods conducted by citizen scientists.

Sown mini-meadows increase pollinator diversity in gardens (2022)
Janine Griffiths-Lee, Beth Nicholls & Dave Goulson

This research used citizen science to investigate the effectiveness of wildflower mini-meadows in bringing beneficial insects into gardens.

mini meadows.PNG
mini meadows.PNG

Companion planting to attract pollinators increases the yield and quality of strawberry fruit in gardens and allotments (2020) 
Janine Griffiths-Lee, Elizabeth Nicholls, Dave Goulson

This study showed that companion plants significantly increased the yield and market quality of strawberries, suggesting an increase in insect pollination as well. 

Using citizen science to monitor pollination services (2015) 
Linda Birkin & Dave Goulson

This study tested out using citizen science methods to assess the provision of insect pollination in gardens and allotment spaces.

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