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Current Projects

At the heart of the Buzz Club are our citizen science projects - and our fantastic volunteers who dig, count, spot, tend and collect data to help answer our questions!

With global biodiversity declines ongoing, it have never been more important to get involved in insect conservation.

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Air Bee 'n' Bee

Most bees in the UK are solitary bees, so why not help us to conserve them effectively? This popular project returns with a new question: does the size of the hotel entrance affect who lives there?

The results from this project will help us to get closer to designing the optimum bee hotel!

The Big Bee Hotel Experiment

Do you have a solitary bee hotel at home? Register it with us to take part in The Big Bee Hotel Project! Anyone who completes this project will be entered into a £250 prize draw!

We have partnered with The Wildlife Community to design this citizen science project. Whether you have purchased a Bee hotel or designed your own, everyone can take part in this easy, non-labour intensive and important scientific research. 

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Bees & Heatwaves

Bumblebees are essential for our ecosystems. However, due to their thick, furry coats, they may be prone to overheating - especially in the heatwaves the UK is currently experiencing. It is crucial to understand how these pollinators cope in the challenging conditions. 

This data will help us create a guide for everyone to help bumblebees going forward.


Earwigs are a valuable insect in garden ecosystems, often overlooked despite their pest control skills and the potential to pollinate. With only one generation per year, they are vulnerable to bad weather and bad press - so this project is investigating the best way to create 'Earwig Hotels'.

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Garden Shop Calculator

Use our Garden Shop Calculator to find out a) how much your harvest would cost you to buy in the supermarket, and b) what proportion of that is directly a result of insect pollination of the flowers.

This will also help us to understand how much UK gardening relies on insects, demonstrate why it is so important to conserve them.

Hoverfly Lagoons

Hoverflies are very important pollinators, with a variety of life cycles. Some hoverflies have larvae that live in shallow water and feed off decaying plant matter, which is an environment our gardens often lack. 

Sign up to this project to add an artificial breeding habitat to your garden, and help us to optimise the design of the Hoverfly Lagoon. 

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Insect ID Quiz

Identifying insects is a key skill to have as a Buzz Club volunteer. We want to find out how well our volunteers are at identifying insects, which are easiest to identify and if providing training helps improve accuracy and confidence!

Join us to learn how to identify insects by taking part in a couple of quizzes and a training session! This project is suitable for all ages and abilities as well as being a quick project to take part in!

Ladybird Local

In 2022, 'A Roadmap for Ladybird Conservation and Recovery' was developed, promoting the need for ladybird focussed citizen science. 

This winter, build a ladybird local and conduct monthly surveys to help us find out more about what ladybirds like to overwinter in and what they do throughout the winter months. Contribute to UK Ladybird Conservation today!

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Snapshot projects

Snapshot projects are quick, easy and accessible, designed to give us data from all over the UK. With no prior experience needed, these are great projects to try out as your first project, good to do with kids and fun additional projects to do alongside others.

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