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Ladybird 7 Spotted On Nepeta - Vegetable and Cut Flower Garden - The Dell 08-28-2023 B.JPG

Photo Credit: Terry & Mirelle Bane

Ladybird Local

Project Lead: Issy Sexton


Running: September '23 to February '24

What is the Ladybird Local? 

Ladybirds are some of the UK's most conspicuous & charismatic beetle species, and are very much gardeners' allies. Both adult & larval stages of ladybirds are brilliant natural 'pest' controllers, preying on smaller insects such as aphids controlling these populations whilst protecting plants from damage. They also snack on nectar and pollen, providing pollination when moving between plants. 

Unfortunately, like may insects, ladybirds are feeling the negative impacts of climate change, pollutions, habitat loss and biological invasions. We have a lack of knowledge around ladybirds, which limits our efforts to conserve them. In 2022, 'A Roadmap for Ladybird Conservation and Recovery' was developed, promoting the need for ladybird focused citizen science - specifically recording ladybirds as well as protecting their habitats, helping them through winter. 

How can you help?

At the Buzz Club, we would like to see if we can create a ladybird hotel that helps ladybirds overwinter, at the time as using these hotels to learn more about their behaviours.


We are asking our volunteers to build at least one 'local' and survey them monthly for what is inhabiting your hotel(s) as well as what behaviours they display. 

Ladybird LocalTemplate.png

What do you get out of it?

By taking part in this project, you will be helping us learn what ladybirds do throughout winter, who they live with, and where they best like to live?

Perhaps surprisingly, there are 40 species of ladybirds in the UK and about half of these can be identified by counting their spots. This makes this project a fun project for all ages and abilities! Take part in UK Ladybird Conservation today!

How to: Leaning Local
How to: Layered Local
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