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The Buzz Club is a citizen science initative - we cannot do what we do without your help!  The UK has a fantastic tradition of involvement of volunteers in ecology, learning about the wildlife around them, having fun and collecting really important data.  What's even better: with the Buzz Club projects being focused on gardens, we genuinely want you to do this from home!

Membership of the Buzz Club is free to anyone of any age, and the projects are generally free to take part in.  We might ask you to supply simple equipment (such as the milk bottles and scissors used in Hoverfly Lagoons), or ask you to cover the cost of sending samples back to us, but any costs that might be associated with a project will be made clear from the beginning.  Any data collected will always have a free, online method of returning it.

Signing up means you will recieve:

  • A thank you email from the team!

  • Notifications direct to your inbox of new projects being planned.

  • An email newsletter, updating you on our work, and what we're finding out with the data you collect. We aim for this to be at least twice-yearly, but this will vary depending on what we have to say!

If you want to support the work of the Buzz Club further, you can also become a sponsor.  Sponsorship is for £2/month - which can be paid monthly or in a 12-month chunk.  This helps us to pilot new projects, maintain this website, prioritise time to answer emails, and come up with new ideas.  The Buzz Team are very busy in their non-Buzz roles, and having sponsorship helps us keep this club running smoothly.

One-off donations to support the Buzz Club can also be made from the button below (this will take you to a University of Sussex finance page).


Become a Buzz Club Member🐝

Are there any projects you are most interested in?

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Sponsor the Buzz Club 💸


The sponsor pack includes wildflower seeds, UK Bee identification guide, 'Gardening for Pollinators' leaflet, Buzz Club stickers and a card magnifier - as well as a thank you letter from us!

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