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The Buzz Club

Real gardens - Real science

Gardening is a popular pastime, but not one that we do alone. Whether hidden beneath the soil, buzzing in the borders or singing on the fence, thousands of wild animals share our spaces. They provide vital support to our own horticultural successes - yet we know very little about most of them!

The Buzz Club intends to change that.  We are a citizen science club, run by scientists at the University of Sussex. Citizen Science is a way of conducting research in collaboration with the general public. The Buzz Club creates experiments that help us understand the wildlife we share our gardens with, and what we can do to conserve it. Volunteers all over the UK help us to answer these important questions. 

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Become a Member or Sponsor

The Buzz Club runs on donations and sponsorships alone!

To make this community and these experiments as accessible as possible, our projects are designed to be free to join and undertake. This means we rely on donations from our supporters for staff pay, equipment, website expenses and everything else. So if you are enjoying what the Buzz Club does - donate or sponsor us today!

Become a Member

Membership for the Buzz Club is completely free for all ages. As a member you will receive:


- Emails direct to your inbox notifying you of new projects

- Early Bird Access to our events

- A free subscription to our seasonal newsletter


Become a Sponsor

Support us and our work further by becoming a sponsor!


For just £2 a month you will receive:

- All the perks of being a member

- A sponsor pack which includes a letter from us, wildflower seeds, an ID guide, a poster,           Dave Goulson's book 'Gardening for Pollinators' and more! 

- Exclusive Q and A webinars with Buzz Club staff!

For £5 or more a month, you will also receive a seed pack each Christmas! 



One-off donations

You can also gift us one-off donations of an amount of your choosing!

A gift that gives back...


Not sure what to get someone for their birthday? 

Gift them a gift that gives back by buying them a Buzz Club sponsorship today! 

After signing up to be a sponsor, email us at and we will include a personalised e-card in the sponsor pack.

Check out what's in our Sponsor Packs!

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Meet The Team
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