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Make a Bee Pub! 🍹🐝🍺

A good thing to do for your bees while staying at home? Make a Bee Pub! 🍹🐝🍺

Bees need to drink, but they can get wet and drown trying to drink from flat open water. As seen below, I found one of my veg trugs had built up a few cm of rainwater in the bottom, and still some bees had drowned in it (there are hives nearby, so I have more than you might expect in general).

So! Making a bee pub is easy. You will need:

- a shallow tray

- stones, or marbles, or similar

- water

Put the stones in the tray and add water until they are about half covered - so the bees can have good footing out of the water while they drink. That's it! You can make it as fancy looking as you like, of course ;)

A honeybee drinking from my bee pub!
Bees can drown very easily.

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