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Slowing Slugs - LJB progress (beans + squash)

End-of-May update from my garden test of the Slowing Slugs project. My little London space is quite restricted, so my setup is squashed in with the rest of my potted-paradise - but that's why losing plants is so frustrating, since I don't have lots of backup!

Plants are squash and dwarf beans; are approximately a month old, and I'm using:

- Garlic mulch

- Copper tape

- Sheeps' wool

- Control

2x repeats with each type of plant. 1 repeat for each is raised / out of the way, one is closer to the ground.


Repeat 1. Damage on quite a few of the outer leaves.

Repeat 2.

These plants are up, more out of the way. No damage on any of them.


I'm keen to see if I can improve the survivability of these plants, since this is my last try with this variety (it's been Throughly Eaten in all previous attempts).

Repeat 1:

These are the ones more in harm's way. Looking a bit raggedy.

Repeat 2:

Up on the table of Tempting Slug Things (my ridiculous petunias, a reviving dahlia, etc), which are hopefully out of the way. Less chomping has occurred so far than those with more mollusc highways.

More updates as I progress!

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